PC2Life by Silog Sistemi Logici


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Silog Sistemi Logici is one of the main operators of reference for IT solutions and technological innovation in Italy. Always sensitive to the issue of environmental sustainability, we have dedicated an entire service line to the recovery and regeneration of used computers, with the "PC2Life" brand. We collect large quantities of used laptops and desktops that are still perfectly capable of functioning. We revise them, reformat them and reconditioning them to work as new.

  • N° de TVA : IT00529050528
  • N° de SIRET : 00529050528
  • Adresse légale : SILOG Sistemi Logici, Strada Massetana Romana 58/B, 53100, Siena, IT
  • Pays d'origine du vendeur : Italie

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