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From the delivery of new products, the period of the legal qualification guarantee is 2 years. It establishes an advantageous hypothesis for the buyer and does not correspond to the delivery of the product. This assumption continues: For second-hand products: 12 months from the date of delivery of the product. After that, the customer must provide proof. The customer has 14 working days to return the product that does not suit him, but the cost is at his expense. Accept only all original packaging products intact, use their original packaging and resell them in perfect condition. Any damaged product will not be refunded.

  • N° de TVA : GB355188086
  • N° de SIRET : 91440300MA5G833B1W
  • Adresse : Shenzhenshi Lewu Kuajing Dianshang Youxian Gongsi, SUITE 11, FIRST FLOOR MOY ROAD BUSINESS CENTRE, TAFFS WELL,, CF15 7QR, CARDIFF, GB

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2 produits trouvés

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